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Wellness Services

As an employer, did you know that the workplace is one of the best places to promote healthy habits? There are many benefits to having a healthy workforce — increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, fewer accidents, enhanced morale, lower health care costs, and best of all, improved quality of life.

We provide a huge variety of wellness tools — from seminars and workshops to turn-key programs and resources. These include clinical health evaluation and risk analysis and management. Our goal is to help you design the most effective wellness program to improve your employees’ lives and reduce your organization’s health care costs.

Wellness is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it is something that should be carefully designed with your population and objectives in mind. So, whether you’re ready to take your existing program to the next level, or just taking first steps, GBS Benefits can help.

Wellness Services FAQs

Some of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Wellness:

Why offer a Workplace Wellness Program?

A Workplace Wellness Program can enhance the lives of your employees — improve health and quality of life, reduce health care costs, and increase productivity.

What factors increase the chance of success for a Workplace Wellness Program?

Workplace Wellness Programs thrive in businesses that support a culture of wellness and supply appropriate resources. Strong leadership and operational integrity are both critical to build trust in the employees.

How does Wellness work best?

High levels of participation and deepening engagement are essential for a successful Workplace Wellness Program. Initially, incentives help drive participation. With time, engagement builds and employees become intrinsically motivated toward healthy choices and lifestyles. Begin with small steps, usually with a participation-only requirement. Over time, progress to an outcome-based, tobacco-free or health-standard requirement.

How should Wellness incentives be designed so that I am ACA compliant?

At GBS, we ensure that you follow the federal regulations. Begin by emphasizing that wellness plans are voluntary and intended to improve employee health and control health care costs. Communicate clearly that a physician is always able to provide a waiver or reasonable alternative to the wellness requirement. Limit entire rewards to 50% of the premium (if including tobacco use) or 30% (if only offering a wellness program and not including tobacco cessation).

How do I ask new hires to participate in the Wellness program?

You can opt to offer the wellness incentive on the basis that new hires are expected to participate for the first full year of their employment. You can also require the employee participate in the wellness program if they are hired within the first six months of the program launch date. If they start during the second half of the program, you can either offer them the opportunity to participate the following year, or offer them the incentive. This decision is left to the employer.

How can I measure the ROI of my organization’s Workplace Wellness Program?

At GBS, we look at three factors to measure the success of our clients’ wellness programs. First, we look at participation and engagement levels. Our goal is greater than 80% participation, with ongoing engagement measured by survey. Next, we look at members’ progress over time in terms of health improvement in biometric measures. Finally, for fully comprehensive programs that have been running for at least three years, we will look at the cost of claims year over year. We also look at participant satisfaction with the program via survey.

Let Us Design A Workplace Wellness Program For You

Engage your employees in a sustainable, results-oriented wellness initiative with our expertise, programs, and resources.

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