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Online Services

HR doesn’t have to mean messy stacks of paper, collecting forms, and the never-ending task of keeping the files in your cabinet updated. An online system will simplify and streamline your employee management process from recruitment to retirement.

GBS Benefits offers two customize-able online benefits administration tools … and the best part is that we offer them to our clients at no additional monthly cost. Using a system will centralize all your HR and benefits data in a single place and put powerful reporting and exporting capabilities at your fingertips. Our Online team will handle your entire system implementation, and once we turn it over to you, we’re available to provide service all year long. We’ll also make updates to your platform at renewal time.

Using an online system also makes sense for employees. An employee portal makes it convenient for your employees to access and manage their benefits and other HR-related information in real time from anywhere. GBS Benefits is here to make benefit and HR administration easier for you and your employees.

Online Services FAQs

Some of our most frequently asked Online Services questions:

We currently use paper for enrollments and manage the elections with the carrier. What is the advantage of an online system?

An online solution can reduce the amount of paperwork involved in managing the enrollment process for all lines of benefits. A second advantage of an online solution is that it gives you a single source to house your employees’ information, along with benefits and dependents. This can be very helpful with annual open enrollment, and can help fulfill your ACA obligations.

What are some of the capabilities of your solution?

Our system handles and manages employee benefits and enrollments with new hires, annual open enrollment, and ongoing life events. You will have the ability to onboard new hires in a paperless process, add simple applicant tracking, manage annual and ongoing training and certifications, and conduct performance reviews, along with a variety of other HR needs.

If we use your system, how does it work with carriers?

Our system will communicate any benefit changes from enrollment to termination through secure files to the carriers. This will remove the manual process of sending in forms or logging into the carrier site. With the system storing this information, it will provide reports for billing comparison to help with monthly reconciliations.

What is the employee experience like in your system?

Employees will have their own portal that is available 24/7. It allows them to manage their enrollments, life events, and make changes to items like taxes and direct deposit. It will also be a place for company documents and external web links, and will allow HR to communicate messages and events.

save time with an online benefits solution

Communicating, administering, and automating your time-consuming HR tasks is possible. Let us simplify your benefits and your job with an online system.

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