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Occupational Optimism

Alex Churchward | Wellness
Aug 17 2017

Most of us spend a large portion of our day at work so we understand how important it is to work in a positive environment.  Workplace optimism can not only make us happier, it can also give us a sense of belonging and satisfaction in our jobs. Create a positive work environment for you and those around you with these simple tips!

  • Share strengths: Write down your personal accomplishments or strengths and leave where it can serve as a reminder when you need a pick-me-up. You can also acknowledge the strengths and hard work of your coworkers to give them a confidence boost!
  • Be a caring colleague: Show interest in your colleagues by smiling and making eye contact when speaking, as well as making an effort to connect with them on a more personal level.
  • Set yourself up for success: Make a list of personal or team tasks each day and break them down into smaller, easy- to-accomplish tasks. As you check them off, it can give you a sense accomplishment and move a task from impossible to possible.
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