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Individual Benefits

With Affordable Care Act legislation in place, almost everyone needs health insurance. If you work part-time, you’re self-employed, or you’re otherwise ineligible for benefits, you need a coverage solution.

We know it can be tricky to navigate the health insurance industry without guidance, especially as you try to figure out if the plan you are enrolling in meets ACA requirements. That’s why GBS Benefits created an Individual Department. We help people just like you.

GBS Benefits individual marketplace agents can help you choose the plan that makes the most sense for you and your family. We’ll let you know if you’re eligible for financial assistance and offer advice to make the enrollment process easier. An agent’s help is available to you at no additional cost. You’re in control of the decision, but GBS Benefits makes it easy to decide.

What Do I Need To Get a Quote?

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01 Think About Your Needs

Think About Your Needs

Before you enroll in a plan, you need to understand what you really need. It starts by asking the right questions, like "what can I afford to pay for coverage?", "what are my typical yearly medical expenses?", and "what prescription medications do I use regularly?"

02 Research Your Options

Research Your Options

The next step is to determine which types of plans are available in the market. It's also helpful to know some basic insurance terms like network, deductible, and copay. If you have certain doctors you prefer, be sure you know what provider network they are a part of. If you have any questions for us, just ask!

03 Get a Quote

Get a Quote

We'll assist you in obtaining health insurance quotes and help you determine if you qualify for a subsidy. We will help you understand the pros and cons of each quote. Because we're not appointed with just one carrier, we offer unbiased advice. We're on your side and want to help you find the plan that fits your needs and your budget.

04 Enroll in a Plan

Enroll in a Plan

Once you select the plan that works best for you, we'll help you through the enrollment process. Keep in mind that unless you have a qualifying event, the only time to obtain coverage is during the annual Open Enrollment window (November 1st to January 31st).

Our team has you covered

Need individual coverage? We’re here to walk you through the process. We make it easy for you to get quoted, make decisions, and enroll in coverage.

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