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HRMS & Payroll Consulting

At GBS Benefits, we know how time-consuming and frustrating it can be to find the right solutions to help manage your HR and payroll needs. Inefficient or manual processes can bog you down, costing time and money. That’s why we offer Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS) and payroll consulting— to streamline your human resources department with HRMS payroll system made to enhance your departments capabilities and allow for simple, scaleable HR management.

Human Resources Management Systems

Together, we’ll analyze your current back office processes and look for areas where an HRMS can increase efficiency. With your list of must-haves and needs in hand, we will do all of the leg work to research HRMS solutions and provide you with side-by-side software vendor comparisons. We’ll offer our recommendations, and even arrange for in-office demos of the HR software.

When you’ve made a decision, we’ll handle the price negotiation for you. GBS Benefits has established partnerships with many local and national HRMS vendors and have preferred partner discounts that we pass on to our clients. Whether you need a single source HR system or you are just looking for a payroll provider, let GBS Benefits help you connect the dots!

HRMS & Payroll Consulting FAQs

Some of our most frequently asked HRMS and Payroll Consulting questions:

Is it best to have one solution for all functions or to consider breaking out the different components?

This depends upon your needs and growth strategy. For example, some employers like the flexibility of being able to change and replace a part of their system if better technology becomes available. Other employers prefer to have everything in a single place with seamless data communication.

How complex of a payroll solution do I need?

The complexity of a payroll system can vary dramatically based on several factors: growth, whether your organization is multi-state, and your ACA obligations.

Why should I evaluate multiple solutions?

Looking at several solutions not only allows you to understand the market pricing, but it can also expose you to different ways of running payroll and help you to find possible gaps in your current process.

After using a system for many years, what are some reasons that make a move worth it?

Due to the amount of historical data your system contains, making a move to a new platform is a sizable undertaking. This may cause you to be hesitant. The question is: how much historical information do you need in an active state versus how much do you just need accessible? You should also determine whether you’ve outgrown the old software and if the old system is flexible enough to keep up with the changing landscape of your company and industry.

We'll do the Leg Work to find you a solution

The implementation of a new HR system will quickly pay for itself with the time and money you’ll save. We’ll lead the search to find you a solution.

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