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Community Love

Alex Churchward | GBS News
Sep 18 2017

A study conducted by Harvard University found that happier people tend to give more and giving makes people happier. If each person did only one thing for their community, collectively we could make a large impact. Consider following these tips to help show your community some love!

  • Pay it Forward- Make someone’s day by giving up your seat on public transit or paying for the car behind you in the drive through. It is easy to do and may even start a trend!
  • Join a Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA) A CSA program allows you to buy “a share” of a local farm to help maintain it and in return you receive the fruits of their labor. Joining a CSA program allows you to directly support local farmers in your community, while also enjoying in-season fruits and vegetables.
  • Donate- Find items that you no longer use and donate them to a person or organization who will use them. This will help others in your community, and keep the clutter out of your home!
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