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Advanced Analytics

The cost of healthcare continues to rise. As an employer, it’s likely that you’re looking for ways to save benefit dollars and plan for upcoming expenses. At GBS Benefits, we can help.

With our powerful data platform, we are able to convert client claims data into meaningful analysis. But you’re not just left on your own to interpret reports. Our team of underwriters, analysts, wellness experts, actuary, pharmacist, and medical director, as well as your broker or consultant, will weigh in to explain what everything means and provide recommendations.

Together we’ll use the findings to help you control costs, forecast spending, find areas of concern within your population, develop wellness initiatives, and even help you choose products to appropriately manage the healthcare needs of your employees and their families. The reporting, coupled with the expertise of our team, gives you a holistic approach to decision making that you won’t find at other firms. 

Advanced Analytics FAQs

Some of our most frequently asked Advanced Analytics questions:

What is advanced analytics?

Advanced analytics is taking your claims data, acquired through carrier extract agreements, and turning it into actionable information. We use it to improve population health, reduce risk, and lower cost. We are able to receive data on self-funded or partially self-funded groups, and on fully-insured groups with 100 or more enrolled.

How often will I receive reports?

GBS Benefits compiles all of your information into custom quarterly reports which our team will review with you at quarterly reporting meetings. You can then use the reports to improve your benefit decision making.

How can the data analytics team support me in making benefit decisions?

GBS Benefits data is actionable. Quarterly reports will point you to areas of concern. Our analytic tools will help us drill down into your data to uncover root causes and specific opportunities for improvement. Our analytics team is here to answer your questions and help you improve health and reduce cost.

Of all the plan designs available in the market, how do I know which is most appropriate for my organization?

Our brokers and consultants will seek to understand your specific needs and guide you through the various network and plan design options. Our Advanced Analytics team has created actuarial models to assist you in meeting the needs of your employees and their families. These decision support tools are based on numerous cost utilization scenarios from our GBS Benefits book-of-business.

Back your decisions with powerful analytics

We use a proven combination of pharmaceutical and medical data to create customized reports. These reports provide a holistic view of member health.

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