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Senior Benefits Broker

Don is a senior executive and broker with over 35 years of healthcare experience. Prior to joining GBS Benefits in 2007, Don worked for several medical carriers that rendered services to both Fortune 500 and smaller companies. His responsibilities included direct sales, account management, financial analysis, consultation, service delivery, and staffing. Don has significant self-funding experience working with large, multi-site employers who required the administration of complex benefit programs. Don received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work from the University of Utah. He is licensed in Health, Life, and Disability Insurance.

  • Client References

    • “Benefits are an important part of the employment package and GBS Benefits has been instrumental in helping us identify which plans best match our Company and Employee needs. Even, the uncertainty and future of the Affordable Care Act is a service they provide to help me as an HR professional know what to expect and how to plan.” -Michael

    • “GBS Benefits has been awesome to work with and very helpful. I don’t think I have asked a question they haven’t been able to answer or had an issue they haven’t been able to solve. They are always quick to respond and everyone one is very nice. Their seminars are always informative and keep you very up to date on all the latest laws.” -Autumn

    • Our GBS Benefits Team including, the Account Managers, Legal Counsel, and COBRA Administrators, epitomize the definition of customer service, support, and professionalism.  We rely on their insight, guidance, and expertise time and time again in our benefits evaluation and decision-making.  We value the relationship established with each of the members of our GBS Benefits Team!” -Carol