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Strategic Analysis

At GBS Benefits, Inc. we do more than prepare reports, we provide plan performance information.


Health Care Reform

Take on Health Care Reform with help from GBS Benefits, Inc. and our dedicated attorney.

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What We Do

GBS Benefits, Inc. is a full-service insurance and employee benefits firm servicing over 800 companies in the mountain states area, as well as across the United States.

Our mission is to help our clients provide the best possible benefits for their employees and families. We seek to enhance the lives of the administrator and employees by providing the benefits, tools, and education to live the healthiest lives possible. We support our clients by offering the best administrative service in the market and providing it at the most competitive price.

We are committed to building partnerships through collaboration with our clients, insurance carriers, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals by providing consistent, quality service. GBS Benefits, Inc. has approximately 450 years of combined experience working in the areas of management, billing, sales, underwriting, appeals, and customer service.

GBS Benefits, Inc. uses multilayered experience in benefits and business services to be increasingly effective and efficient in the delivery of our services. We lead the industry in the continued development and innovation of new products and services.

Employee Benefits

We can meet all of your benefits needs, whether you are seeking a group or individual policy.  We can identify and maintain the best benefit options for your group including Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401(k) Retirement Plans, Health Saving Accounts and many more.  See our Employee Benefits section to learn more. 

Value-Added Services

We provide our clients with a number of Value-Added Services, many of which are offered at no additional cost.  We are proud to be the only firm in Utah that provides all of our services in-house.  Our services range from ongoing education and support for Health Care Reform and Compliance, education and resources for developing Wellness Programs, Online HR Services, as well as education and support for the State Health Exchange.

  • Client References

    • “Benefits are an important part of the employment package and GBS Benefits has been instrumental in helping us identify which plans best match our Company and Employee needs. Even, the uncertainty and future of the Affordable Care Act is a service they provide to help me as an HR professional know what to expect and how to plan.” -Michael

    • “GBS Benefits has been awesome to work with and very helpful. I don’t think I have asked a question they haven’t been able to answer or had an issue they haven’t been able to solve. They are always quick to respond and everyone one is very nice. Their seminars are always informative and keep you very up to date on all the latest laws.” -Autumn

    • Our GBS Benefits Team including, the Account Managers, Legal Counsel, and COBRA Administrators, epitomize the definition of customer service, support, and professionalism.  We rely on their insight, guidance, and expertise time and time again in our benefits evaluation and decision-making.  We value the relationship established with each of the members of our GBS Benefits Team!” -Carol